Connecting Interesting People Everywhere.™

The TicTalking™ app brings people together based on your interests– not just who you know. TicTalking helps you connect with people and communities from around the world that share your interests no matter where they live or what languages they speak.

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Say Hello to TicTalking…

See how the TicTalking app makes finding people just like you across the world easy.

Tailored For You Based On What You Love

The TicTalking™ App bubbles up the conversations and people that matter to you, all based on your interests and passions…No more Kardashians in your feed (or more if you’re into that!)

Talk To People Across the World In Any Language

Find people just like you all over the world who share your interests. Language is no longer a barrier; we’ll translate your conversations on the fly. TicTalking gathers each user’s personal Interest profile and generates global and local matches for professional and friendly conversations.

Find New Communities

Join a group of likeminded individuals and rally around your passion. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to help change the world for the better or share how your last 5k run went – there’s a group waiting for you.

See the World Through Your Interests

The TicTalking App™ has a unique interface that’s built on a game engine to make searching for the people and conversations that matter to you fun and intuitive.

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